New Features

We are constantly keeping our system up to date, never missing new technologies.​

August 2023

New Feature

Additional Packages

With additional contract packages, users can increase their contracts and user rights (on Essentials Tariff only)

With additional 100 contracts and 5 users (on Essential Tariff) users can increase the contract and user limits in their package.

July 2023

New Feature

Tariff Upgrade / Downgrade

Users can upgrade their tariff when they need more features or according to users’ requirement automatically or downgrade also.

Possible to directly upgrade between tariffs without any contract and information copies.

May 2023

New Feature

Keep track of your income and expenses.

contractSAVE’s main dashboard allows you to monitor the income and expenses of your active contracts. And you can easily monitor your cash flow according to your contracts.

April 2023

New Feature

Create your own contract types.

contractSAVE has many ready-to-use contract types that you can use to easily categorise your contracts. Now you can create your own categories to better categorise your contracts.

February 2023

New Feature

With 2 factor authentication contractSAVE is now more secure.

With 2FA (2 factor authentication) you can log in more securely. You can receive your code via your mobile phone or email. It can be set as mandatory or personal for all users.

February 2023

New Feature

Automatic revenue calculator

contractSAVE can calculate your revenue according to a base currency that you set, even if your contracts are in many different currencies.

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