Who we are

contractSAVE is a product of
CuReMa Consulting GmbH.
contractSAVE is a product of CuReMa Consulting GmbH. For over 20 years, we have been supplying comprehensive IT solutions to businesses. Our esteemed clients include some of the top 100 companies in Europe. Built upon our extensive ability and refined from years of software development, contractSAVE is the latest outcome of our dedication. We have been utilizing contractSAVE internally to manage our own contracts, and its performance has convinced us to share it with you. We specifically tailor contractSAVE to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, we have plans to incorporate enterprise-level features to accommodate larger organizations in the future.
As a mid-sized company, we understand the importance of cost control. Therefore, we offer contractSAVE at an attractive price point that is affordable even for small businesses. Furthermore, we strongly believe that effective contract management should be accessible to everyone, including individuals. To that end, we supply a free version of contractSAVE that offers all the necessary functions to organize personal contracts efficiently.
At contractSAVE, we are committed to delivering practical solutions that optimize your contract management processes, whether you are a business or an individual. Experience the benefits of contractSAVE and take control of your contracts like never before.

Our contractSAVE Team

Baris Özcelik

Baris is responsible for marketing activities surrounding contractSAVE. However, for us, marketing is more than just a sales tool. Our focus is on ensuring that our applications and the entire application environment meet the desires and requirements of our customers. In this context, Baris plays a crucial role as the Product Owner in our team. He defines both the features and the appearance of contractSAVE. As your direct point of contact, Baris is there to aid you with any requests or questions regarding contractSAVE. He will personally reach out to supply the necessary support. As the responsible team member in our support team, he is likely to be the first person you will meet personally.

Bernd Wehmöller

Bernd is the accountable Development Lead in the contractSAVE team. With over 25 years of experience in software development, team leadership, and project management, he ensures efficient work and has a major influence on the design and implementation of the software. For any technical questions or issues, Bernd is personally available to aid you. Rely on his extensive ability to find prompt and competent solutions.

Christian Wehmöller

Christian is responsible for infrastructure within the contractSAVE team. This is an incredibly important aspect of contractSAVE. Ensuring that the software is always accessible is crucial, but even more importantly, everything is implemented with the highest standards of security and stability. As a specialist in security and infrastructure, Christian is the ideal fit for this role. Christian is your point of contact for all security-related matters and will reach out to you when we are preparing a version of contractSAVE for rollout.

Thomas Au

Thomas, as a partner at CuReMa Consulting, is responsible for finances. He ensures that we effectively manage our limited resources so that we can continue to offer contractSAVE at attractive prices in the future. Thomas is your point of contact if you are interested in participating in contractSAVE. Developing software is a demanding and costly process. As a small company, we are always open to discussions and potential partnerships.
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Behind contractSAVE, it is primarily the employees of CuReMa Consulting who make it possible. Without their dedication and expertise, the development of such software would not be possible. Whether they contribute directly to the development process or support our customers and work behind the scenes, they all play a crucial role in the development of contractSAVE.

We are grateful for the commitment and hard work of our employees. Their dedication is an integral part of the success of contractSAVE.