Popular questions and answers about contractSAVE, versions, and pricing.

Product FAQ

Popular questions and answers about contractSAVE solution.

contractSAVE is a user-friendly contract repository solution designed to save and manage your contracts securely. It offers a straightforward interface, providing ease of use and comprehensive information. Additionally, it continuously evolves with advanced features for enhanced functionality.
In short, contractSAVE helps you locate existing contracts and manage contract information effectively.

contractSAVE offers great features at an affordable price, is user-friendly, highly customizable, and prioritizes security. If you are looking for software to securely store contracts and provide access to your team, contractSAVE is the right choice.
Our target audience primarily consists of small and medium-sized businesses seeking a central repository for their contracts. With our Free version, we also offer a free option that is mainly suitable for individuals and freelancers.
Yes, there is a free version available for personal use, which also caters to the needs of freelancers. However, the free version has limitations in terms of functionality and can only store a maximum of 50 contracts. For a detailed comparison of features, please refer to the Pricing-page.

The security of your contracts and our application is our top priority. contractSAVE uses data encryption during the transmission and storage of contracts. Your data is stored in a German data center that adheres to the highest security standards. You have control over the password requirements, and you can enforce 2-factor authentication for your users. Rest assured; your contracts are safe with contractSAVE!

contractSAVE is developed by CuReMa Consulting GmbH, a mid-sized company based in Germany. In addition to software development, we have been providing consulting services for small and international companies for over 20 years. Our focus in consulting lies in the areas of data management, data security, and software development. The experiences gained from our client projects, as well as our own requirements for management software in our company, directly influence our software development.

Unfortunately, not yet. Today contractSAVE does not cover the entire lifecycle of contracts. It primarily focuses on the management and monitoring of existing contracts, but it does not offer specific features for contract creation, signing, or approval. However, we plan to add these functionalities in the near future to meet the requirements of enterprise-level organizations.

contractSAVE is a fully cloud-based solution, allowing us to leverage the latest technology and security features to provide our solution and protect your contracts. It is only available as a cloud-based solution (SaaS). So the answer to this question is “No.”

You only need an up-to-date HTML-5 compatible internet browser. All commonly used browsers of the newer generation meet this requirement. The choice of browser is entirely up to you. There are no other dependencies.

Since contractSAVE is designed for easy and intuitive operation, we do not offer specific training sessions. However, we provide, integrated online help and a comprehensive manual that explains all the functions and views of contractSAVE. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to ask our specialists through the online chat available on our homepage.

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Payment FAQ

Popular questions and answers about contractSAVE versions and pricing.
No, whether you want to use the “Essentials” or “Professional” version, you start with a 14-day trial period without needing a credit card. After the trial period, you will need to provide a credit card to continue using contractSAVE. However, for the FREE version, you do not need a credit card at any time.

Yes, of course. You can cancel  any time until the end of your current subscription period. There will be no further costs incurred. If you wish to cancel an annual plan early, please contact our support team. We may be able to provide a partial refund of the remaining costs.

Yes, our payment system is secure. We use the Zoho Subscriptions platform, which is an award-winning subscription system known for its security and reliability. You can find more information about Zoho Subscriptions at the following link: https://www.zoho.com/subscriptions/
No, for security reasons, we only offer personal registration with a valid email address.
Yes, all versions offer encrypted storage, encrypted data transmission, and 2-factor authentication features.
Yes, all your data is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Germany. We adhere to applicable data protection regulations and ensure that your data is secure and protected.
No, that is not possible. However, you can send us your requirements and we will evaluate whether we can incorporate them in future versions. Please note that this is only feasible if the requirements are not based on specific processes unique to your company.
Yes, that is possible. However, if you choose an annual subscription plan, you will receive a 20% discount.
As long as you don’t change your plan, you will automatically receive all new features for your current plan. In the future, we plan to introduce an Enterprise plan that will include additional advanced functionality such as contract creation, approval management, and electronic signatures. This version will be added as a separate offering, and switching to it will involve higher regular costs.
Yes, we offer add-on packages for the FREE and Essentials plans. With these packages, you can purchase a specific quantity of additional contracts for a one-time fee. Please contact our support team for more information on this topic.
In general, that is possible. Please contact our support team to discuss the number of users you need and to determine a new price for your subscription.

14-Day Free Trial

Try it now for free, no credit card required.